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Dr. Ebere Israel Azubuike, MD ("Dr. Izzy"), is a family doctor serving patients of all ages at Mercy Family Clinic in Dallas, Texas. He has about 15 years of experience, and he specializes in primary care and family medicine. 

Dr. Izzy Azubuike graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine in Galveston, Texas, in 2005. He completed his residency at the Methodist Health System Dallas, Texas, in 2008.

After finishing his formal education, Dr. Azubuike started initially as a hospitalist, seeing patients at various hospitals in Dallas area. During this period he realized that most of his hospital patients do not have a primary care doctor. For this reason, he opened his private practice, Mercy Family Clinic, (M.F.C.) in 2010. His main purpose was to start early preventive care with holistic approach to treatment, hence decreasing the need for these patients to go back to the hospital. He regularly sees every member of the family, and hes proud to establish long-term relationships with everyone, from young children to seniors. Appointments with Dr. Azubuike arent rushed, and he ensures that all your questions are answered during each visit.

Dr. Azubuike understands the diverse health needs that families have. He takes time to understand each individual to diagnose their health conditions better and make the best recommendations for their treatment. He employs compassion and empathy in his art and that’s why his patients love him so much.

Dr. Azubuike is affiliated with the Methodist Health System in Dallas, Texas, and UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Trust Dr. Azubuike and his team at Mercy Family Clinic to provide the best evidence based medical care to you and your family.  



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